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Recent Blog Posts

The 28 Second Hover When Networking

ONE OF NETWORKING’S SCARIEST MOMENTS The idea of walking into a room and not seeing anyone you know can strike panic in the heart of pretty much everyone–except you Bill Clinton (the world’s ultimate networker). For us mere mortals, we need some help, particularly when we have to break into a group. THE 28-SECOND HOVER-Excerpt [...]

The Disappearing Act

Networking in table situations, either at breakfast meetings, luncheons or dinners with speakers, means an opportunity for you to engage with others over an extended period of time.  It’s a luxury when it comes to networking and relationship building, but many people miss opportunities or do relationship-limiting moves.  In Tip # 558 we explain one [...]

13 ‘Good Luck’ Tips for Networking at a Restaurant

One of the best ways to build rapport with people is to network while having lunch at a restaurant. Here’s the challenge: Busy people are hard to get a ‘yes’ for lunch, so when you do get a lunch meeting with someone, particularly a very busy person, here are some tips to make a great [...]

When Bad Networking Happens at Tables

People go to networking breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, and black tie galas that cost a bundle and take precious time from their busy days, but sadly they miss networking opportunities, or in some cases just behave badly. There are folks who plop themselves down in their seat, and that’s it — they just wait for the [...]