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Recent Blog Posts

Steve Forbes Carries 7 Business Cards…

  We are pretty sure Steve Forbes carries at least seven business cards.  We use him as our example of “you’re never too famous to carry business cards”.  People make all kinds of excuses why they don’t give out their business card, but our two not-so-favorite excuses are: “I ask them for their card, only if […]

Business Cards – The good, the bad and the just plain weird…

Over the years of networking around the world we have seen all kinds of business cards–big ones, teeny-weeny ones, ones with the font size so small that you need the Hubble telescope to read.  (Note: the business card in the graphic is an example of how to design a card properly–keep it simple and readable). […]

Networking Follow Up

Networking Follow Up – How to Send An Article

Networking follow-up can be a challenge. One of the easiest ways to keep in-touch with someone is to send information that the other person may find useful. Thankfully the chain letter and joke emails seem to have disappeared (or maybe we are just lucky as they aren’t darkening our email doorstep these days). And, since […]

Kindness Sticks!

We often don’t realize the impact our words have on one and other. What’s particularly heartwarming is the staying power of kind words. We were teaching the skills of networking to a large multinational in Houston and sitting in the middle of the room was a guy named John. John did not look particularly happy to be there and […]