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5 Ways to Fix a Lazy Network

Herminia Ibarra, author and INSEAD professor, describes a lazy (and narcissistic) network as one where we limit “our networking to people with whom we naturally ‘click,’ and this produces networks that are too homogeneous.” It’s the easy way out because those relationships happen naturally, you really don’t have to make much of an effort. We simply choose people who are like us, (or they […]

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Networking Hack – Exit any Conversation

In typical networking situations there’s a thought bubble that will often pop up and you ask yourself, “How am I going to end this conversation?” Well, you can always exit a conversation with all the style of a person running for the door as a fire alarm rings. There are other less effective moves including the classic, “It was nice meeting you, […]

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The Ambush Conversation Creates Low Trust

Have you ever had this type of conversation, The Ambush Conversation? Someone phones you, or asks you to meet in person, and when you connect they go through a long ‘song and dance’, talking about all kinds of issues and then at the end of the conversation they throw in the zinger. Saving the worst for last […]

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Let’s Do More YES-ing

We have been writing free weekly networking tips for over eight years and our recent tip, #629 (!) on giving an ‘instant yes’ to high-trust people in our network got us thinking about using this same technique more frequently in our work world. As a backgrounder, the concept of the ‘instant yes’ came from the very […]