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Recent Blog Posts

Lessons from Flash Boys: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your LinkedIn Profile

Flash Boys is a great read and author Michael Lewis knows how to tell a complicated story in a compelling way. As we discussed in our Weekly Positive Networking® Tip+ (Number 533, April 9, 2014) one of the guys on Brad Katsuyama’s RBC team was John Schwall who found a wealth of information inside of [...]

Four Ways That Marx Sucked at Networking

Our Positive Networking® Tip this week is on Karl Marx, of all people. He was such a good example of what NOT to do when it comes to networking. In our tip we quote Grand Pursuit author Sylvia Naser (also the author of A Beautiful Mind) who said that Karl Marx wrote about the horrors of the factory system in England but he [...]

Conference Networking for Even the Cool Kids

Nowadays you go to conferences and the networking includes tweeting and wondering if anyone is going to ask you to ‘bump’ to exchange contact information.  While there are nightcap gatherings, yoga sessions and cool looking meet up lounges and cafes, there are still some tried and true rules that work when it comes to networking [...]

They Know The Same People You Do

In our book Work The Pond! we talk about a counter-intuitive concept called The Strength of Weak Ties. It is an important concept to consider because we live in a world where a big focus is put on centers of influence, the COIs.  The thought is, “If I just build a core network of influential [...]