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Recent Blog Posts

Kindness Sticks!

We often don’t realize the impact our words have on one and other. What’s particularly heartwarming is the staying power of kind words. We were teaching the skills of networking to a large multinational in Houston and sitting in the middle of the room was a guy named John. John did not look particularly happy to be there and [...]

Distracted by a Lavender Plant – The “Elusive 600″

There are many pitfalls in communication, and listening skills are made even more difficult because of the “Elusive 600″. Here’s an example: I was meeting with a friend of mine and as he was telling me a detailed story about his business (interesting, but long) I glanced up at the shelf behind him and thought [...]

Business Card Exchange Japanese Style

I’ve learned a lot about networking from my times visiting Japan. In Japan the exchanging of business cards is a high art.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have a very good friend, Wilf Wakely, Wakely Law Office and President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan share with us his skills of networking in [...]

The 28 Second Hover When Networking

ONE OF NETWORKING’S SCARIEST MOMENTS The idea of walking into a room and not seeing anyone you know can strike panic in the heart of pretty much everyone–except you Bill Clinton (the world’s ultimate networker). For us mere mortals, we need some help, particularly when we have to break into a group. THE 28-SECOND HOVER-Excerpt [...]