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Magic Networking Words

When people are looking for a seat in a row, they often stop one or two seats before the person who is already seated, leaving empty seats between them. Instead, sit right next to the person, say hello and introduce yourself to your seatmate. Better yet, if you are the person already seated, say, “Please […]

5 Reasons Why Business Cards Matter

Business cards are still required — no one has come up with a new ‘wheel’ yet. Therefore, since no one has invented anything that truly replaces the business card, here are five good reasons why you should keep exchanging cards: #1. It’s an easy way to share contact info quickly. Yes, we know you can type a […]

“Small Gifts” & Your Network

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our network–it’s just out there. And, if you think about what people in your network are thinking about–most likely it’s not you. The best way to keep on the radar of people in your network is to find small ways to connect with them–what Reid Hoffman calls […]

The Art of Asking Questions – 5 Great Tips

Asking questions is surprisingly easy if you have this mantra, “Everyone has a story, and my goal is to find out what that is.” Of course it’s not an aggressive gotcha-journalistic style and it’s not meant to extract a story that ends with a person crying–Barbara Walters are you listening? Their ‘story’ may not be […]