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5 Reasons to Take a Tag Teammate

October 1st, 2011 by

Five PMOur Positive Networking(R) tip this week is on the power of tag teammates, and we promised 5 extra tips(see below). Here’s the original tip: WHEN SOMEONE POUNCES “We are always encouraging people to go to networking events with a work colleague because tag teammates can be a great help when the unexpected happens. Who hasn’t been in the situation where you and your colleague are chatting with a person you’ve just met, only to have someone pounce on you (ok, not literally) and drag you away into a new conversation. It may be the enthusiasm of the moment (yes, people are excited when they see you!) or perhaps it’s just the wine… If you have a tag teammate and someone pulls you into a new conversation, your tag teammate can stay in the original conversation, rather than leaving that person high and dry.”

5 Reason to Take a Tag Teammate When Networking:

1. If you are anxious networking it’s great to go with someone. You don’t have to be attached at the hip, but you are back up for one and other. If your tag teammate is trapped in a cling-on conversation you can rescue them.

2. It’s a perfect way to cross-market if you go with someone from your firm who works in another division, different part of the practice, etc.

3. It gives you an opportunity to use The Glowing Introduction(TM) and sing your tag teammate’s  praises. “Janine is our top tax lawyer.  She recently won a landmark ruling that you may have heard about…”  (Note: Janine cannot introduce herself this way.  “I am the top tax lawyer in our firm…)

4. Your tag teammate can introduce you to their network at the event and you can do the same.

5. With a tag teammate it is much easier to go over and break into a new group.

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