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Did Darcy Rezac Invent Networking?

Peter C. Newman in his bestseller, Titans, says, “Darcy Rezac…claims he invented networking. He didn’t–he just perfected it.” Peter Newman is right.

Darcy, who co-authored Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking with Judy Thomson and Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, has spent many years perfecting his skills in the networking world. Tom Donohue, CEO US Chamber of Commerce says this about Darcy, “From his high positions in government and business, to his training in psychology and travels all over the world, Darcy has the background and range of experience to peel off the layers of mystery and misunderstanding that have obscured successful networking for too long.” Darcy is an interesting and charming speaker on the topics of engaged leadership, how to build a dynamic and diverse network, and of course, how to perfect the skills of Positive Networking®.  

His Passion

For twenty-four years he led The Vancouver Board of Trade, an internationally recognized business association where “connecting for good” was the ethos. Helping to build engaged and engaging leaders has been Darcy’s passion. He championed young professionals (Company of Young Professionals) and universities students (Leaders of Tomorrow) giving them access to the business community, mentors, and opportunities to practice the skills of networking. He established the Rix Center for Corporate Citizenship and Engaged Leadership during that time. Darcy Rezac has developed an Engaged Leadership Matrix® model with two university deans. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Circle and is recognized as a world-renowned networking expert.” (See page 14 of the World Economic Forum, Davos Annual Meeting Report 2005)

Click here to see a more comprehensive bio on Darcy Rezac. Watch video of Darcy presenting on Positive Networking®.


I find the book very inspiring, I’m like a sponge. For my line of business it’s actually MORE than essential. — Patricia Szarvas Anchor, CNBC Europe

Rezac’s outward, what-can-I-do-for-you attitude is the key to building extensive, long-lasting connections. — Guy Kawasaki Managing Director, Garage Technologies and author The Art of the Start

The important of networking is nothing new, but in Work the Pond Rezac takes it to another level. — John Worsley Simpson | Financial Post

I knew once you started playing the Phantom of the Opera music that we were going to have some fun. You bridged concepts of all types and from many sources (science, philosophy, psychology) right into the world of work.  
— Eve M. Pankovitch | Concordia University

Average overall rating of 9.62 out of 10…Darcy Rezac defines the qualities that we look for when delivering quality educational programming. American Chamber of Commerce Executives Annual Meeting, Orlando Florida













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