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The Disappearing Act

September 30th, 2014 by

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Networking in table situations, either at breakfast meetings, luncheons or dinners with speakers, means an opportunity for you to engage with others over an extended period of time. It’s a luxury when it comes to networking and relationship building, but many people miss opportunities or do relationship-limiting moves. In Tip # 558 we explain one of our pet peeves (and maybe yours) which is people who ‘disappear’ from the table, never to return. In this Positive Networking® Tip we suggest that if you aren’t able to stay for the whole event to make sure you let your table mates know you need to ‘slip away early’.

PROBLEM: But what do you do when you get an email during the event that says you are required back at the office (or home) and there isn’t an opportunity to let people know why you had to leave?

SOLUTION: If you have gone around the table at the beginning of the event, introduced yourself to everyone and exchanged cards, you can send these folks an email the next day apologizing for your abrupt departure. Why do it? It’s your reputation, plus it’s a simple way to follow up with people who sat at the table with you!  Win, win…

Gayle, Judy and Darcy
co-authors of Work The Pond!


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