The Frog and Prince

The Book That Started It All

The Frog and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking to Change Your Life was the book that started it all.  Originally self-published in 2003, it launched our speaking careers and really got us focused on the power of a network.  Limited copies of this “classic” are available in our own wine cellar (correction: warehouse). If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Frog and Prince please contact us directly.  Alternatively, used copies of The Frog and Prince books are still for sale through online booksellers like Alibiris.

A Collector’s Item? 

It seems that autographed copies go for about $20 to $122 (okay, we might have left a hundred dollar bill in that last one!)

What Table Hockey Has To Do With It

Read Our Story of how a weak link in our network landed us at Penguin Prentice Hall and moved our book into the big league. It’s a good lesson in the power of random links and discovering what you can do for others.

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