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Daniel Goleman & Contagious Connecting

April 15th, 2013 by

Daniel Goleman

Research in the field of neuroscience has discovered a class of brain cells called mirror neurons. They do exactly that — they cause us to mirror the emotions of the other person. Here’s an example: We meet someone but then something happens: a “Wall” comes down, the other person who may have started out friendly, draws back. Up until that moment we have been relaxed and enjoying the exchange. Now, our reaction changes — our body language stiffens,our smile tightens and  we wonder why don’t they like me…  It’s like a virus — we’ve just caught their negative emotions.

How do you avoid catching someone’s negative virus? If you feel someone putting up this barrier, don’t mirror that behavior. Instead, stay confident, continue to smile, keep an open body language and continue the conversation in a positive manner.  Perhaps change the topic. Your goal is to leave a positive impression, in other words, get them to catch your positive emotional virus.

This is a great book to read.   It will change how you interact with others. It’s called Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman  (Bantam).

Too busy?  We suggest audio books when you are too busy to read one more thing.  With an audio book you can listen while doing other things — commuting, out for walk, working out.

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