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Sure-fire Ways To Get Attendees Off Their Phones And Connecting Face-To-Face

The above photo is sad, but true. At conferences, people get on their mobile devices instead of having face-to-face conversations with other attendees. Tony Robbins may get people walking over hot coals, but our signature program, Leap Start!™, gets people talking  to strangers at conferences. For many this is as scary as walking over hot coals!

We Have Best Program To Start The Connecting!

Leap Start!™ is the perfect conference opener. Make it the first session of your conference and it will get attendees connecting and networking.  With Leap Start!™ the audience learns the ‘world’s best definition’ of networking which takes the anxiety out of talking to strangers. They also learn new networking and connecting skills that they can use right away, and they’ll be reminded of skills that may have gone ‘stale’.  This high-energy one-hour session is guaranteed to jump start the networking at your conference, regional or national meeting. It will change the dynamic.

Better Satisfaction Scores

The benefit of Leap Start!™ to conference organizers is simple: the more attendees connect with one and other and build new relationships, the more valuable the conference will be for everyone and therefore better satisfaction scores.

Better ‘Swag’?

How much of the swag in the conference bag ends up being chucked in the recycle bin after the conference? 88 Positive Networking® Tips for Conferences Quick Guide will not!  Find a sponsor to put their brand on this Quick Guide’s full color back cover.  Your conference name goes on the front cover. Learn more here.

Are You Attending a Conference And Want Some Quick Tips?

Of course Work The Pond! is ‘the connector’s handbook’ and gives you the seven steps of The Network Dance: N.E.T.W.O.R.K.®, but if you need something faster, try this helpful Quick Guide88 Positive Networking Tips® for Conferences. It’s 40-pages with the top tips you need to know to be more effective at your next conference. Buy one for yourself, or enough for everyone on your team who will be attending.

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