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7secrets-eguide-for-resources-page7 Secrets of Positive Networking®

We are experts in the area of networking. It’s not something we do “off the side of the desk”. It’s our focus—100%. This handy little guide gives you our seven secrets—yes “secrets”. We think they must be secrets because it’s surprisingly how often people don’t use these simple techniques, skills and tools to be better networkers and build better relationships. You will find them in this free download from Shepa Learning Company.


startnow-eguide-for-resources-pageStart Now! Networking For Students

For over a decade we have been teaching networking skills to thousands of students at universities, and we know that most students don’t get serious about building a network until they start their job search close to graduation. But in a competitive job market building a network while at school gives you a head start. Plus, the people you meet at school will be some of the best connections you make in life. Start building your network now and this free e-guide will tell you how.


bestbook-resource-page-graphicNot Free, But It’s Best Networking Guide

We wrote Work The Pond! to give people a quick read full of practical tips to make networking easier and more effective. Use the seven steps of The Network Dance: N.E.T.W.O.R.K.® found in this book and you will become a better networker, and enjoy networking more. “It’s not often that the keys to success are dropped right into our ‘proverbial laps’. However, such is the case with the invaluable networking tips given to those who read Work The Pond!. I am the world’s worst naysayer when it comes to these “self-help business books”. This one is honestly different.”

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