Build Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline.™

fill-your-pipeline-graphic-2016-blueOverview: Build Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline.

With Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson

Have your sales professionals recently assessed their network? Is it time to do so? Have they thought about who should be in their network but isn’t?  Where do they go to meet these people? Does the network they presently have need revitalization? Build Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline™ answers these questions and helps participants develop a plan to better understand and leverage their networks and find more business.

This session, led by two of Canada’s top networking experts and co-authors of Work The Pond!, Gayle Hallgren-R


ezac and Judy Thomson, also provides tried and true tips on how to network more effectively and do it with ease. B

uild Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline™ is what most sales training is missing—a focus on recharging present networks, a

plan to build better networks and a recognition that people are more connected than they think.

Their pipeline will never be dry!

Highlights: Build Your Network. Fill Your 

Pipeline.™ Workshop

At the end of this workshop, your sales professionals will be better equipped to:

  • Build higher trust relationships using the ‘world’s best definition’ of networking
  • Assess their network―operational, personal and strategic and then put a Personal Networking Plan in place to fill those gaps
  • Employ some of the best strategies to supercharge their network — Weak Links, Dormant Ties, 3 Degrees
  • Be more effective when networking in any situation — the tactical and practical skills to make a great impression and build rapport
  • Look for cross-marketing opportunities with others inside the organization — a very effective sales technique!
  • Reengage with their present network including connectors and centers of influence. Includes an exercise on “advancing relationships”
  • Follow up and stay connected more effectively, including using social networks

Build Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline.™ workshop includes:

  • Short anonymous online surveys used to customize program  (Optional follow up surveys)
  • Custom PDF newsletter after the session highlighting the key points
  • Custom workbooks are available for an extra fee

Why Choose Build Your Network. Fill Your Pipeline.™ ?

  1. Gives your sales team a way to be proactive keeping their pipeline full
  2. Gives your sales team an eye-opener on how to leverage the power of a network to find more opportunities
  3. Gives your sales team a personal networking plan going forward

Program Delivery Format

  • Full and half-day Workshop
  • Conference Breakout Session

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