Engaged Woman Leader™


Overview: Engaged Woman Leader™ 

With Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson, CPA, CA

work-the-pond-book-cover-smallThe Engaged Woman Leader™ gives women the tactical and practical skills to network with ease, to build a career-enhancing network, as well as the confidence to network with those more senior. In an increasingly busy ‘24/7 always on’ world this session offers ways to be more effective networking, even when women don’t think they have the time. Led by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson, two of Canada’s top networking experts and co-authors of Work The Pond!, The Engaged Woman Leader™ is a perfect foundation program for any women’s network.

Gayle Hallgren Rezac and Judy Thomson For Women By Women 2017

Highlights: Engaged Woman Leader™ Workshop 

The Engaged Woman Leader™ includes our proprietary 7 steps to build a better network (The Network Dance: N.E.T.W.O.R.K®), and is customized to address the specific challenges of women. By the end of the Engaged Woman Leader™ participants will be better equipped to:

  • Appreciate the value of a network in their career trajectory
  • Build and maintain their network and find the time to make it a priority
  • Build higher trust relationships inside their company and as a brand ambassador in the community
  • Employ tactical and practical Positive Networking® tips to network confidently and effectively in any situation. This includes introverts!
  • Carry on a conversation — everything from dreaded small talk to engaged conversations, even with those at a more senior level
  • Follow up effectively, including the use of social networks
  • Assess their present network, look for gaps and develop ways to build those new relationships including with sponsors/champions
  • Develop a Personal Networking Action Plan™ with easy-to-do Habits 

The Engaged Woman Leader™ Workshop includes:

  • Short anonymous online surveys are used as a baseline for the program design for each client
  • Follow up surveys, custom newsletters
  • Custom workbooks are available for an extra fee

Keynote Engaged Woman Leader™ 

Networking is often leadership’s missing link and this keynote emphasizes how networking, building better relationships inside the organization and raising ones profile in the community are essential elements of a woman leader’s key competencies. Based on research and engaging stories, the audience will leave inspired to become a “Connector”.


Why Choose Engaged Woman Leader™ ?

  1. Most women know that networking is important for their career. Give them the tactical and practical skills that they can start using immediately
  2. Time is a big issue for woman.  This session shows woman how they can incorporate networking and relationship building into their day-to-day life
  3. Raising one’s profile at work and in the community is an asset for those who want to be recognized for leadership roles, board opportunities and making a difference. Help women assess their network, find ways to fill gaps, seek out champions and identify new growth opportunities
  4. It’s a great bonding experience for your women’s network!

Program Delivery Format

  • Half or full-day Workshop
  • Two-hour Presentation
  • Conference Break Out Session
  • Keynote
  • Webinar

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