Leap Start!™ Conference Networking Keynote

Overview: Leap Start!™ Conference Keynote

With Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson

Jump-start the networking at your next conference or national meeting with Leap Start!™, Shepa Learningwork-the-pond-book-cover-small Company’s signature conference opener. Conferences are meant to be about networking and meeting new people, but many attendees default to their comfort zone –  hanging out with the people they already know and using networking breaks to check messages on their phone, instead of starting conversations with people standing next to them!

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson, two of Canada’s top networking experts, and co-authors of the best-selling networking classic Work the Pond!, offer the perfect antidote with this conference kick-off. During this keynote they share tactical and practical networking tips that will have your attendees connecting throughout the conference, including during Leap Start!™.  It will change the dynamic of your conference—guaranteed!

Highlights: Leap Start!

With a Leap Start!™ keynote your conference attendees get networking skills which they can start using right away. Your attendees will be better equipped to:

  • Start networking now!
  • Use Positive Networking® — “the world’s best definition” of networking to build more meaningful relationships at the conference
  • Network at the conference with ease —walk into a reception ‘solo’, make a great first impression, circulate comfortably, exchange cards properly, break into a group of people (28 Second Hover™), exit a conversation and more
  • Implement new strategies to be more effective networkers during conference mealsGayle Hallgren Rezac and Judy Thomson Testimonials
  • Use key conversation skills throughout the conference — from small talk with a stranger to more engaged conversations
  • Put into practice networking strategies that work for introverts
  • Use The Glowing Introduction™ with a tag teammate
  • Follow up with people they have met, and then stay connected 

Bonus: Takeaway tips so attendees get the ‘nod’ from their office to attend your conference next year!

Who would benefit from Leap Start!™?

  1. All conference attendees — when everyone hears the same message the conference becomes a “permission to network™” event
  2. First timers — this is the perfect way to introduce them to your conference
  3. Conference organizers — your conference satisfaction scores increase when people meet new attendees and build their network of opportunities

Program Delivery Format

  • Keynote: 30 to 90-minutes at beginning of the conference, or before the first networking reception
  • Webinar: before the conference so everyone comes prepared with the skills they need

Conference Quick Guide

88 Positive Networking ® Tips for Conferences quick guides are great giveaways for your conference welcome bag.  They will not end up in the hotel recycling bin:

  • Custom branded cover, front and back
  • 40-pages filled with 88 of our best conference tips
  • Volume pricing 

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