Positive Communication & Collaboration™

positive-communication-graphic-2016Overview: Positive Communication & Collaboration

With Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson

How can communication be more positive so we achieve better results? In a world of increasingly short attention spans how do we get our point across before the other person gets distracted? How do we use more effective communication tools to avoid conflict? And, how do we listen and learn from one and other? Your team will learn three key communication tools—ones most people haven’t used before—to answer these questions.

This session will help your team develop heightened rapport and trust with their colleagues, clients and customers. Build better, happier, more effective teams by giving them the essential tools of communication. Positive Communication & Collaboration™ creates more positive interactions and that is good for everyone!

Highlights: Positive Communication & Collaboration™ Workshop

This workshop is interactive with group exercises and discussions tackling real-life conversation challenges people have encountered. At the end of this workshop, participants will be better equipped to:

  • Get to the point in a professional but empathetic manner
  • Enter a conversation with communication ‘tools’ to keep from jumping to the wrong conclusion
  • Gayle Hallgren Rezac and Judy Thomson TestimonialsApply new (to most people!) communication tools to create dialogue and spur innovative thinking inside the organization
  • Be more aware of unconscious biases and mental models
  • Use body language and social intelligence skills to build rapport
  • Become a better listener
  • Deal with difficult conversations more effectively to create win-wins

Positive Communication & Collaboration™ workshop includes:

  • Short anonymous online surveys used for customized program design for each client (Optional follow up surveys)
  • Custom PDF newsletter after the session highlighting the key points
  • Custom workbooks are available for an extra fee

Keynote Positive Communication & Collaboration™ 

The keynote is a distilled version of our workshop. Attendees will learn the absolutely essential communication tools that they can start using immediately. These are techniques that are easy to do, and hard to forget!

Why Choose Positive Communication & Collaboration™?

  1. Build better, happier, more effective teams with just a few essential tools of communication
  2. Reduce miscommunication within your organization
  3. Get people talking more and emailing less

Program Delivery Format

  • Full and half-day Workshop
  • Keynote
  • Conference Breakout Session (condensed version)

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