Positively Engaged Leadership™

Overview: Positively Engaged Leadership™

With Darcy Rezac

In a world where “it’s all about the relationship”, whether it’s with employees, clients, customers, stakeholders or the community-at-large, time-crunched leaders need a path forward to connect in a meaningful way. Fortunately, this is more of an attitude and awareness— a connected mindset— than anything else, so busy executives have a way to be more engaged.

Using Darcy Rezac’s Engaged Leadership Matrix® leaders will understand what is required to become an engaged leader, and set some new goals for themselves. Understanding the need to span boundaries — bridge silos — is one part of the equation. engaged-leadership-matrixExecution is the second part. Positively Engaged Leadership™ gives participants the skills of Connectorship, whether connecting inside the organization or networking at a community fundraising gala.

“Darcy Rezac defines networking as ‘discovering what you can do for someone else.’ This generous attitude is the key to building the extensive, long-lasting, and trusting relationships that will make people believe what you have to say about your organization.” – Guy Kawasaki

Highlights of Positively Engaged Leadership

  • Why engaged leadership matters – leadership’s missing link
  • The ethos that builds high-trust relationships
  • How networks operate, “we are more connected than we think”
  • Engaged Leadership Matrix®, a capacity model for measuring engaged leadership — where do you sit on the matrix, where does your leadership team sit on the matrix?
  • Building a strategic network, looking at dormant ties, weak links and the power of three-degree connections
  • Becoming a positively engaged leader in all situations — from walking down the office hallway to hosting company events, to being a brand ambassador at networking events and conferences
  • Best tips on day-to-day engaging inside your organization
  • Better conversation skills to build rapport and trust
  • Most effective ways to follow up and stay connected over time
  • Easy to implement Habits to make leaders better connectors and build their strategic networks

Why Choose Positively Engaged Leadership™ Program?

  1. Offers your leaders and managers a new perspective on bonding and bridging and its value to the organization
  2. Helps leaders and managers refocus on the value of people connecting with one and other rather than simply sending a text or email
  3. Gives leaders a way to measure their present level of engagement and set goals to becoming a more positively engaged organization

Program Delivery Format

  • Keynote
  • Full or half-day Workshop

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