Power of Positive Networking®


Overview: Power of Positive Networking® 

With Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson Or Darcy Rezac

When employers ask their employees what they want to learn, ‘networking’ is often it. They don’t want to spend their entire career being uncomfortable walking into networking events solo, struggling to engage in small talk with a stranger, or not having the confidence to carry on a conversation with those in more senior positions. The good news is that all these skills can be learned, even by those who consider themselves introverts.

work-the-pond-book-cover-smallShepa Learning Company’s philosophy of networking, Positive Networking®, has been described as the “world’s best definition” of networking. This session gives participants the skills to become better networkers and to enjoy it more. Their relationships with clients, customers, members, colleagues and the community-at-large will also be improved. Even people who are good networkers find this session takes their networking skills up a notch.

This is Shepa Learning Company’s most popular program and it is based on Work The Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life.  This best-selling classic has been called “the connector’s handbook”.

Highlights: Power of Positive Networking® Workshop

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson Its Seamless 2017

The full or half-day Workshop is based on the seven steps of The Network Dance: N.E.T.W.O.R.K.®. These Workshops are interactive with group exercises, discussions and are customized for your audience. At this Workshop participants learn:

  • Why the ‘world’s best definition’ of networking will make you a better networker 
  • The essential skills of networking in any situation—walking into a room solo, first impressions, how to exit a conversation, joining a group and more
  • Tips for introverts or those who are shy—yes, you can enjoy networking more!
  • Better conversation skills—from improved small talk to becoming a great all-round conversationalist
  • Table tips to enhance your skills as a connector and conversationalist at any networking breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Techniques for follow up, keeping your network ‘warm’ and giving yourself permission to reach out, even to those more senior
  • How to develop a Personal Networking Action Plan™ to continue the learning after this session is over

Power of Positive Networking® Workshop includes:

  • Short anonymous online networking surveys used for customized program design for each client (Optional follow up surveys)
  • Custom PDF newsletter after the session highlighting the key points
  • Custom workbooks are available for an extra fee

Power of Positive Networking® Keynote

The Power of Positive Networking® keynote is a distilled version of the seven steps (N.E.T.W.O.R.K.) with memorable and engaging stories of the power of a network. It will change the way people think about networking and open their eyes to opportunities to start connecting ― immediately.

Who would benefit from Power of Positive Networking®?

  1. Those in your organization who haven’t been taught the skills of networking ―that’s most people!
  2. Those in professional services who need these skills for client relations and business development opportunities
  3. High potential leaders and leadership teams who want to create a culture of connecting
  4. Young professionals’ networks, student networks, women’s networks, internal networks within organizations
  5. Business organizations that want to provide excellent networking content and encourage more networking in their organization

Program Delivery Format

  • Full or half-day Workshop
  • Keynote
  • Conference Breakout Session
  • Webinar

Quick Guide

A good way to enhance the learning and provide a handy reference guide after the workshop is our 88 Positive Networking® Quick Guide. It includes:

  • Our top tips for networking face-to-face and through social networking
  • Custom branding option—put your organization’s logo or message on the cover

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