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Tag Teammates Make Networking Easy

April 27th, 2017 by

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Rick Mercer, Judy Thomson

Gayle and Judy tag teaming it and getting their photo with Rick Mercer, famous Canadian comedian and television personality.

Benefits of networking with a tag teammate:

Tag teammates are bolder.  “OK, let’s go over and ask Rick for a photo.”

Traveling in pairs is a great way to cross-market.  Go with someone from your firm who works in another division, or who offers a different or complementary service.

You get to use The Glowing Introduction™ and sing your tag teammate’s  praises: “Janine is our top tax lawyer.  She recently won a landmark ruling… ”  (Note: Janine cannot introduce herself this way: “I am the top tax lawyer in our firm…)

Your tag teammate can introduce you to their network, and you can do the same.

If you are trapped in a cling-on conversation your tag teammate can rescue you.

With a tag teammate it is much easier to go over and break into a new group.

A tag teammate can do The Step Forward Rescue™.

If your tag teammate doesn’t introduce you to someone immediately, it’s your cue your partner can’t remember the person’s name. So step forward, extend your hand and introduce yourself. Now you both know the name, unless they say “Nice to meet you.” Then your response is, “And your name is…” This all has to be done very fast so it appears seamless and your tag teammate isn’t left hung out to dry.

With a tag teammate you have someone to do a debrief with after the event.

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Photo: Dave Roels

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