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November 8th, 2011 by


Walking into a room full of strangers, figuring how to strike up a conversation, or how to get out of a conversation are things that many people aren’t really comfortable doing, but here’s the amazing thing–they are skills that can be learned.  But what we teach goes beyond mere circulating and networking.  It’s understanding the value of building the right kind of network and having the social intelligence skills (rapport) to build real relationships that will stand the test of good and bad times. We love teaching these skills because this stuff works!

“Thank you for the great session.  I already have lots of principles to apply and can’t wait to start the book and will take it to my next conference tomorrow and read on the plane to prepare for fantabulous networking!” Here is the followup comment: “I used your suggestion of breaking into a circle at today’s evening reception and it was fun. It was a group of purchasers and they started out a bit stuffy but loosened up as we chatted.”

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