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Glowing Introductions Work!

October 30th, 2017 by

Glowing Introduction

An underutilized networking skill

A great Glowing Introduction™ is an impressive networking skill but it’s one that is not used all that often. The Glowing Introduction™ is a flattering and authentic way of introducing someone to others.  It’s you singing the other person’s praises in a way that they couldn’t do.

Here are a couple of examples:  “I’d like to introduce you to my colleague Jeffrey Crosby, he is one of our firm’s top US tax lawyers.”  Jeffrey can’t say that (“I am one of my firm’s top US tax lawyers.”) but you can!  Or, “I’d like to introduce you to Simi Todd, she is a key member of our sales team.  She has done some of most creative and competitive deals for some of our city’s coolest start-up companies.”

The Glowing Introduction™ is not only a great way to highlight a colleague’s expertise, it’s also a way to share some useful information about your firm (They have a good US tax department. They do deals with tech startups.) It also gets conversations started.  “Simi, what are some of the tech firms that you have worked with recently?”  “Jeffrey, how is the new NAFTA tax ruling going affect Canadian companies operating in the US?”

Five things to remember when using the Glowing Introduction™:

#1. It won’t cost you anything, words are free

People often have a hard time coming up with glowing praise but remember, words are free. Rather than saying something lackluster such as, “Erin has been in HR at our firm for 10 years” say, “Erin is our HR guru. She has got a decade of incredibly valuable experience.” Use words such as “outstanding”, “wealth of experience”, “won an award”, “highly respected”, “does an amazing job managing” when doing a Glowing Introduction™.  It won’t cost you anything!

#2. Prep your Glowing Introduction™

Before going to an event with a tag teammate have a discussion about using the Glowing Introduction™.  “How are we going to introduce one and other at the event?” While this may not feel very spontaneous it’s a smart thing to do. That way you won’t be struggling to find the right words when the introduction opportunity arises.

#3. Double your effectiveness

Many companies understand the value of sending two people to an event particularly if they are from different lines of business.  It’s a way of introducing new contacts to the expertise their company has available.  “I’d like to introduce you to my colleague Kasey Rinaldo.  Kasey and I often work together. She is a top business analyst and is a huge asset to our commercial banking team.”

#4. Practice makes this natural

Make it a habit to use the Glowing Introduction. It must be sincere, but what you will find is the more you do it, the easier it gets.

#5. Use this technique with people you’ve just met

Use the Glowing Introduction™  when introducing someone you’ve just met to someone you know. “Hey Sam, nice to see you.  Sam, I want to introduce you to Marika Schiller.  We just had a really interesting conversation. I learned that Marika graduated from Stanford last year and is a software engineer specializing in machine learning. Sam, this is someone you need to talk to.”  Then, do a Glowing Introduction™ of Sam.

Congratulations, you have just become a Positive Networker!

 -Written by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac, business networking speakers and authors of Work The Pond! Use The Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life (Penguin/Prentice Hall)  Shepa Learning Company

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