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Shepa Not Sherpa

Shepa Not Sherpa

When we are doing our networking skills training attendees often say, “Ah, Sherpa Learning…” and we say, “actually, it’s shepa, which is the Tibetan term for consciousness or awareness”.  Thus begins a conversation. So, what’s shepa got to do with business networking and connecting?  After over a decade of speaking and writing on the skills of networking and communicating we find that people miss really easy opportunities to connect with others. If there are two people, that’s an opportunity to connect.

Our goal for this website, our networking training programs, our books and articles is to help everyone become better connectors in work and life. We want to raise everyone’s networking shepa!               

How We Do It

For the past decade, we (Darcy RezacJudy Thomson, Gayle Hallgren-Rezac) have been sharing ways for people to become:
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac Judy Thomson Darcy Rezac of Shepa Learning Company

  • better connectors
  • remove the anxiety around networking and conversation
  • provide strategies to build supportive networks

It’s all based on a philosophy of networking that’s been called “the world’s best definition” — Positive Networking®. We back up our tried-and-true tools and techniques with the latest research and powerful storytelling. Our most popular programs:

  • Teach the skills of networking (The Power of Positive Networking®)
  • Build engaged leadership teams (Positively Engaged Leadership™)
  • Create more connecting at conferences with our conference opener (LeapStart!™)

What We Know To Be True – Networking Works

Our own amazing networking experiences; small world stories that are almost spooky because they are so mind-blowing; stories that people have told us where asking to borrow a pen or turning around in a line have been life changing; and the latest research on networks, engagement, happiness and health—all prove that remarkable things happen to individuals and companies when people become more connected.

                                                         –Gayle, Darcy & Judy

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